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Ora, aqui a estrôncia só agora é que reparou que a Rita me deixou um selinho (*inserir "DOH!" à Homer Simpson*). Ora vamos então :)

-não pus a foto porque sou uma naba e só consigo pôr imagens se for com o photobucket LOL. Mas deixo aqui o link para verem:[1].jpg

1- Indicar de quem recebeu o selinho:

Recebi da Rita, como já disse em cima :)

2- Indicar 5 amigas a quem passar o selinho:

Como este selo já fez a ronda, passo-o a quem aqui o vir e quiser responder.

3- Responder às perguntas seguintes:

- Qual cidade você mora?


-Trabalha em quê?

Neste momento, limito-me a parasitar em casa, porque ainda não arranjei emprego. Mas tenciono fazer carreira como psicóloga clínica.

-Gosta do que faz?

Eu até não desgosto de estar em casa LOL, mas isto já é um exagero :P Mas Psicologia, adoro :)

-Empregado ou Patrão?

Preferia ser empregada, sou melhor a ser comandada do que a comandar.

-Se não trabalha-se nisso, o que faria?

Er... sinceramente não sei. Imagino-me a trabalhar em qualquer coisa que não tenha nada a ver com a minha área enquanto não arranjar nada como psicóloga, mas fazer vida e carreira de outra coisa qualquer, não me imagino.

-Trabalharia num sector administrativo ou como Professora?

Sector administrativo = demasiados papéis para o meu gosto e professora... bem, o meu pai é professor, a minha irmã e o meu cunhado também e vejo bem como dão em doidos, por isso não. Além de que não tenho jeitinho nenhum para explicar :S

-Como é a sua rotina?

Agora é muito soft. Acordo, vejo o que fazer para o almoço, faço, almoço, vou às aulas de código, faço o jantar (adoro cozinhar!... e comer também :P) e depois fico a preguiçar no pc ou em frente à televisão. às vezes vou dar uma volta com o namorado, mas ele habitualmente chega sempre cansado a casa e tem toneladas de trabalhos para entregar, por isso não é muito comum. E pronto, é isto, com uns banhos pelo meio e perseguições aos gatos pela casa fora :P

- O que faria se ganhasse o Euromilhões hoje?

Primeiro, punha-me aos berros :P Arranjava uma casa para os meus pais, ajudava a minha irmã a pagar a dela, arranjava uma casa para mim, mobilava-a e raptava o namorado para ir para lá morar comigo :P um carrito também não ficava mal. O resto, acho que investia.

Old and dusty FOTD

Well, I haven't been doing my makeup because my life hasn't been all to exciting. I'm still unemployed, and pretty much only leave the house to go to traffic school or grocery shopping, and I'm not going to gel all dolled-up just for that.

I just stumbled across these pics in my computer, I still had long hair, so they are from October or November.

Here's what I believe I was using:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
Essence Creamilicious LE eyeshadow in Iced Chai Latte (highlight and inner third)
Essence Creamilicious LE eyeshadow in Chocolate Shake (second third of the lid)
Stila Mystic eyeshadow (outer corner and crease)
Same eyeshadows on the same order on the lower lashline
Bourjois contour clubbing waterproof eyeliner pencil in Black (waterline)
Random mascara

Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser #1
Essence Compact powder
MAC Select cover-up concealer NW20
ArtDeco blush #8

MAC Sandy B lipstick
Essence cream gloss in jojoba oil

Piccies :)



Excuse the nose on the way

sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009

WTF of the day

And, for those of you who, just like me, like to annoy people (read: boyfriend) by randomly start singing to this, here's the lyrics:

Look at my horse
My horse is amazing
Give it a lick,
“Ooo, it tastes just like raisins!”
Have a stroke of its mane
It turns into a plane,
And then it turns back again
When you tug on its winkie!
“Ooo, that’s dirty!”
Do you think so?
Well, I better not show you
Where the lemonade is made!
Sweet lemonade,
mmmm, sweet lemonade
Sweet lemonade,
Yeah, sweet lemonade
Get on my horse,
I’ll take you around the universe
And all the other places too!
I think you’ll find
that the universe, pretty much
covers everything!
Shut up woman, get on my horse!

Now, shut up and get on his horse! :P

My hair was butchered :(

My hair was layered all around, front and back. My longest layers were reaching my waist and the others covered my chest. I asked the stylist to remove the damaged end, she showed she'd have to remove up to the middle of my shoulderblades. I said cool, I knew. Well, my hair is barely touching my shoulders!

I asked for bangs that were straight, not flimsy and that covered my brows, like these (I didn't take the picture, but I mentioned time and time again I wanted them covering my brows):

My bangs are not even touching my brows!! At first, she cut them really short, so I asked for a second layer of bangs on top, a longer layer, the length that I had asked for. It is not long enough, let alone straight. They look choppy because there are longer and shorter pieces (WTF?!).

I asked that she layered my hair on the sides, from the bangs to the bottom of my hair. She layered it so lightly that you can barely see it, BUT she managed to layer one side way much than the other.

And last, but not least... I asked for copper highlights. I had them done there before, with dye. I told her what dye it was, how it turned out, that at fist it went a bit orange but then faded to a gorgeous copper. She then asked if I wanted the layers to make my hair look lighter, and I said no, I wanted them to bring out the red and copper tones in my hair, and again I mentioned the dye, she said she understood and that blond highlights would look a big fake with my brown hair. When she came back with the bowl, I assumed she knew exactly what dye I was talking about and has prepared, since I was so thorough with the explanation. Turns out, it was BLEACH! I have BLONDE highlights all over, and they DO NOT look good on my hair color, on me, it just looks trashy.

And why didn't I say a thing, you asked? I went to a hairdressing school, she was a student. She was already freaking out over cutting so much of my length, I didn't want to stress her out more. I went there many times and never had an issue. Usually the teachers are roaming the room, helping the girls and talk to them and you about what you want and how they should do it, but yesterday, the teacher was doing silicone extensions and couldn't help the girls. I've once had a girl who didn't know how to do the side swept bang I wanted or how to layer my hair to frame my face, and she called her teacher, who explained it to her while she did it, it turned out wonderful. I kind of expected the students to ask for help when they have troubles and are in way over their heads with something. I went there because it was cheaper than going elsewhere and I never had issues, BUT turns out, I'm going to have to spend MORE money because I have to go somewhere else to fix this. I already called a hairdresser I fully trust to see if he can sort this mess out today, because it is not layered, its not straight and it doesn't flatter me AT ALL.

Wish me luck!

quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009


My nails are delightfully and obnoxiously bright today. Summer is fading and rain is pouring, but who cares? I sure don't :)

I had been eyeing this polish for a while, but whenever I went to pick it up, it was sold out. Finally, last week, I managed to get my grubby little hands on the last one! Just feast your eyes on this brightness (clickable thumbnails):


Isn't it gorgeus? The polish is Object of Desire (how appropriate!) and it is by Essence, a cheap German drugstore brand. More pics :D (taken outside, in natural sunlight, on an overcast and rainy day, hence the wet floor)



I have a couple of polishes from Essence, from the now discontinued Top Speed line, and I don't like them much. The formula dries too fast and makes them bubble. Object of Desire is from the XXXL shine line and yes, it is very shiny, I'm not wearing top coat on the pics. The formula is really nice and creamy, covers really well in one coat (but I have 2 on, I always do two).The formula is not streaky and dries fast. The brush is nice and big, and fans really easily, covering a big portion of your nail. The lid feels a bit light and cheap, but I feel that makes it easier to control the brush.

Snatch it up if you can, as it is inexpensive and really nice!

quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

Why I have been MIA...

Hi everyone!

No, I'm not dead yet, I just have been ridiculously busy. I'm finishing my degree and the past month was fully dedicated to finishing and defending my internship report and my master's degree thesis. I have turned in both, but have only defended my thesis. I'm defending my report next Wednesday, and then, I'll be officially done! I can't believe how fast the past five years have gone by! :(

Here are my babies :) My report on the left, the thesis on the right (clickable thumbnail):


So, you can expect more posts soon :D

sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

Another simple FOTD

Yes, for the most part, I like to keep it simple and neutral on the eyes. On the lips, I don't mind going bolder, but I'm a bit scared of color on my lids hehe So, here's a quick FOTD from the other day.

What I used...
Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer
MAC Select Cover-up NW20
Essence pressed powder
Stila Convertible Color in Peony

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Jardin Aires pigment
Artdeco #16
Stila Kitten
ArtDeco soft eye liner waterproof #17
The Body Shop brown pencil liner (no name or anything, I've had it for so long it faded)
Stila Major Lash mascara

ArtDeco color gloss #27 (just a tiny bit to tone down my natural lip color, as it's a very pigmented nude. I actually applied a bit too much when I took these pictures)
MAC Flashmode lustreglass

Clickable thumbnails

Eye make-up (no flash)

With flash

Close-up of the lip color

And... BONUS!! Sleepy kitty pic!! :D